Frenching Fender on Motorcycles


Frenched Tail Light on Motorcycle with Custom Lettering This is a nice option for customizing your motorcycle.  If you've been around for a while you have heard about "frenching".   Frenching can be done in Metal or Fiberglass to recess something into another part.  On classic hot rods, frenching has been used for lights, tag plates, antennas and speakers.  Who knows what else someone will think of frenching into something?

Some examples where we have done tail light frenching include: 

  • Joker's Wild Chopper - on this job we had to match the fender curve by heating and bending the tail light slightly.  We first carefully cut the hole to fit the front of the light, bent it and fastened it in.  The Final touch on this job is to add paint and airbrush art.
  • Worm's Quinn - This job required custom template creation and some very careful grinding. Cutting out the letters and fitting the lens took over 10 total hours 

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