Gallery: Customizing

Art In Motion is a full-service vehicle customizing and fabrication shop.  For a project consultation, please call (407) 847-0119 to make an appointment. 

Motorcycle Customizing Options

With in-house CAD design skills, paint, airbrush, fiberglass and metal fabrication, some of the customizing options we can provide include:

  • Custom Parts - more catalogs are available in the shop
  • Sound Systems 
  • Custom Brackets
  • Frenching (metal or fiberglass)
  • Airbrush & Graphics
  • Wide Tire Kits
  • Frame Replacement
  • Wide Fenders
  • Extended Saddlebags
  • Custom or Aftermarket Handlebars (Ape Hangers, monkey bars, beach bars & more)
  • Custom or Aftermarket Exhaust

Contact Us

 Art In Motion LLC Custom Motorcycles
1503 Ross Ave
Kissimmee, FL 34744
(407) 847-0119