Joker's Wild ProStreet

Custom Airbrushed Motorcycle Tank | Art In Motion This was a fun custom chopper rebuild. During the past few years, Art In Motion has seen a lot of people finding bargain basement choppers in a garage for good prices. Our customer rescued this particular motorcycle from a storage unit. This transformation involved tearing the entire motorcycle apart down to the frame. We then powdercoated the frame red, and started the rebuild. We re-used, but modified the sheet metal on this bike. This customer wanted the theme of the bike to be around the phrase “Joker’s Wild” – so the bike was covered in Evil Jesters – from the hand carved replica of a Jester tattoo on the seat, to multiple Jesters and a bright multicolored paint job.

Then we shaped the front fender tip and modified the components to fit the theme of “The Joker’s Wild”. Front fender was shaped to fit the paint, and the rear fender got some frenched lighting. The custom seat was hand-carved leather by Christi Kapp. Paint job was done by one of our airbrush artists.  We added some sexy pipes, cleaned up the whole driveline, and customer rode away happy!