Flyin Trike - Version 2


Flyin Trike Version 2This is Version 2 of Flyin' Trike.   After we sold this trike, the new owner had wanted to change some of the very same things we thought it needed.

  • The Seat:  If you look at Version 1, you will see a custom chopper solo seat.  People's perception was that the seat "hurt" - even though the gel pads fit perfectly on most anatomy and it didn't hurt at all.  So in Version 2, we added a comfy seat styled like the original Radio Flyer trike.  
  • The Storage: Version 1 had no storage.  For version 2, we fabricated a bracket to hold a vintage swim basket which we had powder coated to match the trike. 
  • Foot treads: Changed from carved black logos to red

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