Black Bastard - Springer

orlando-chopper-at-art-in-motion.jpgThis very sexy Custom Springer chopper was as conceived by its owner as being the bastard child of his Harley and his Camaro.   Its name is "Black Bastard".  The customer selected an extreme rake which meant that most parts on this motorcycle had to be custom fitted and the rocker adjusted to resolve the rake and trail requirements.   That ripple effect creates  invisible metal fabrication details that increase the cost and complexity of a custom motorcycle.    This motorcycle features custom handlebars, fabricated tank, extreme 51 degree rake,  open primary, springer front end with custom-fit rockers, custom seat & more.

VIN: 1A9SC220XEK767007 This motorcycle was built for display purposes.  Because of the engine and exhaust selections, this particular motorcycle is only legally able to be ridden on the road in transit to motorcycle shows.    This is an EPA regulation.  This explains why you don't see too many of these choppers on the road.  Don't make fun of them for being trailer queens - but that is the law of the land that we live in!  There are federal laws that govern how many motorcycles you can build like this and if you want to build or own a custom chopper like this, then get familiar with CFR 86.407. Learn more about Florida titling of kit bikes on our page.