CerberUS ProStreet

Ideas have a habit of multiplying and growing and building on what came before hand.  During concept stage, every build starts as a concept vehicle - we work with our customers to visualize what the motorcycle will look like by looking at pictures they provide,  parts that they like, engineering concept,  or theme.  Once the concept is set, the budget and timeframe determine the quantity of production vs. custom parts.   From the outset on this build, this customer knew the long, tough look that he wanted.   He wanted clean ProStreet lines augmented by a theme centered around the grim reaper.  Single sided swingarm and a 360 brake.  The bike was to also honor the wartime father that he knew, who had been a US Serviceman in England.  He also wanted it to hug the ground when parked, so a kickstand was out of the question.  The rest, was to be worked out along the way.

CerberUS ProStreet Chopper Frame

Rolling Thunder Manufacturing builds some of the best quality frames in North America.   Our customer selected the SLX frame by Rolling Thunder as the basis for this chopper build.  In conceiving the SLX frame, Rolling Thunder took an idea from Harley Davidson's single loop frame in 2003 and pushed it to the max.  This motorcycle was built on a SLX Regular frame with single sided swing arm and radius down tube. Rolling Thunder uses their fabrication skills to bend a 2" diameter tube bent around the engine that keeps everything center-lined.  Seats are dropped and swing arms are tubular with custom axle covers.  The configuration we designed for this customer required further swingarm modification by Art In Motion fabricators to accommodate the air ride suspension system.

Springer H beam

The Dragonslayer Front End

The concept of the grim reaper lent itself well to the medieval look of this American Suspension Dragon Slayer fork.  This sophisticated Springer front end retains modern performance while it keeps the medieval style that fits with this theme.   Also selected some additional custom parts from this manufacturer like shark Tooth Accents, Hidden Stops & Turn Signal Brackets