Four Things to Think about in a Trike Conversion

Four Things to Think about in a Trike Conversion

Posted by Art In Motion LLC on 19th Sep 2017

Four Things to Think about in a Trike Conversion

You've made the choice to stay in the wind, so you want it to be the most comfortable and affordable conversion process possible. As with any custom motorcycle work, gathering the parts and experts to get the job done needs to be planned. Here are four things to think about as you get started. 

  1. Benefit from advice from an expert.  It helps to talk to a trike fitment expert who can help you through the initial selection options.  You can't get this information just by browsing online - it takes a conversation with at least ten questions and answers before we can give you a package that will fit your specific needs.  You can always call us at (407) 847-0119 for help. 

  2. You *can* do a conversion in stages.  You don't have to convert the whole motorcycle at once if you need to space out the payments, or just want to see how a particular feature works first.   For example, you can choose not to rake your front tree.  But this will have handling consequences  If you choose not to get reverse, you will just learn how to park to easily get out of the spot.   Many trike riders find they never need reverse.  Steering dampeners can be added after-the-fact. 
  3. Wheels wheels wheels.  If you want custom wheels that no one else has, these will cost money. If you want front wheels to match back wheels, you have limited choices.  Changing wheel selections mid-stream has time consequences because of lead times of making wheels, and other implications on offsets needed to mount things like bodies.  Trike bodies are not always plug and play - they need fabrication adjustments. Spacers need to be fabricated, and installed to make your body fit with your wheel selection. Many motorcycle parts these days are made to order - so start the ordering process soon. 
  4. Lead Times.  Winter is the busy season for trike conversions and fiberglass fabricators, painters, and airbrush artists will get backed up.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be riding your new dream.  Make sure you allow plenty of time in your conversion process for all of the experts to do their work, and give them a heads-up your trike is coming into their shop, so that they can work you into the production stream 

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