Black Paint Batwing GPS Fairing 6x9 Speakers & Stereo Triumph Rocket III Touring


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Please call (407) 383-3264 if you have questions.

Fairings are manufactured as they are ordered, during off peak times Oct- Feb they will take from 2-5 weeks to be shipped, During peak times Mar- Sept. they will take 6-10 weeks to be shipped, if you want a closer time for shipment please call To Kapp@ 407 383-3264.

Black Paint Batwing GPS Fairing 6x9 Speakers and Stereo System

  • Direct Mount Batwing GPS Fairing 6x9 Waterproof Speakers & TEAC GPS Stereo (with Electronic Shock Protection, Bluetooth. Radio, DVD, etc) 
  • Handlebar Remote Control 3.0 and iPhone Stand (Optional) Additional $150/set
    • Specifically designed for TEAC GPS unit.
    • Programmable function
    • Directly control the functions of TEAC GPS unit.
    • Waterproof remote control
    • It will be preinstalled if ordering together with the fairing
  • TEAC Amplifier 1000 watt (Optional) Additional $225 per set
  • Choice of one windshield:
    •      Choice 1)  Curvy or Flat
    •      Choice 2)  Clear or Light tint
    •      Choice 3)  5”, 8” or 10” high  

Fitment Notes:

  • Direct Mount to forks
  • bolt-on mounting system 
  • Not quick detachable
  • Relocation of the passing lamp is necessary and relocation kit is NOT provided
  • ALL other Hardware included

TEAC GPS stereo (Model TE-268)

  • 6.2" digital monitor: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Super clear display for video and navigation, with high resolution digital LCD panel
  • Icons are movable, more user friendly
  • Front SD/USB/AV-IN
  • Key color: Red
  • Rotary volume control 
  • DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/WMA/JPEG playback 
  • DVD±R/DVD±RW/CD-R/RW playback 
  • FM/ AM: high sensitivity digital tuner, can store up to 6 stations in each band (RDS)
  • Navigation ready (GPS Map is NOT included)
  • Bluetooth: built-in handfree bluetooth which supports call-in display, dial record consul, dial keyboard, phone book
  • Built-in Bluetooth and microphone (Extra external mic)
  • Built-in amplifier: 4 channel amplifier, 4 x 50W, total power output 200W
  • 4.1 channels line-out: front, rear and subwoofer 
  • Touch screen: graphical user interface (GUI), less visible buttons more friendly operation
  • SD card slots: 1 for map, 1 for media; compatible with JPEG, MP3 and GPS Map
  • USB input: compatible with MP3, MP4, WMA, AVI, JPEG, etc
  • AUX input: can play with iPhone, iPod, most MP3 players, satellite radio, etc
  • DVD video/ DVD-R/ DVD-RW/ VCD/ Audio CD/ CD-R/ CD-RW: Direct songs selection by touch, black-screen play function
  • Double shock protection: Electronic Shock Protection (ESP) and Mechanism Shock Protection for smooth music enjoyment
  • Personalized and user friendly interface available
  • Come with AUX cable
  • 3-band parametric equalizer with 8 presets
  • PLL tuner with 18FM/12AM presets
  • Detachable front panel and blackout for anti-theft security NEW!
  • Remote control: Slim remote with battery NEW!

 Super Anti-shock Protection 

(Electronic and Mechanism Shock Protection)

A RAM buffer chip situated downstream of the laser and upstream of the D/A converter. The chip stores certain seconds of musical data, enough time for the laser to retrack. The result is seamless music, even when your ride hits a real pothole.

  • Eiminate all CD skipping
  • Seamless music enjoyment, no CD skipping even when your ride hits a real sinkhole
  • Non-Rigid mounting method is also employed for the stereo system, excellent protection applied

 Navigation Ready

 A GPS Map is NOT included but fits in one of the two SD slots.  You can purchase GPS MAP from independent suppliers such as BestBuy or other online suppliers.  Screen resolution is 800 x 480.  Platform is win CE:

 Tsukayu 6"x9" waterproof Speakers 

 Waterproof speakers give longer life and excellent performance in outdoor and wet marine environment. Sealed drivers and waterproof cones can withstand a hosing down of rain. 

  • 3-Way 6"x9" Waterproof Speakers
  • Powerful and Excellent sound quality 
  • 150W RMS / 300W Peak power each
  • 20 oz strong Magnet each

FM/ AM Radio

The high sensitivity digital tuner can store up to 6 stations in each band (RDS)


Built-in Bluetooth® receiver for call, music streaming and handlebar volume control. The Bluetooth® hands-free feature lets you use your mobile phone conveniently and you don't have to miss any important/ emergent calls. Voice will be heard from the speakers. *Warning: For safety reason, please be reminded to drive safely when answering any calls, general and long convensation is not recommended during riding.