Narrow Springer Front End With Tapered Oval Rear Legs - 12" Over stock length (total length – 39")

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These Springer fork assemblies come assembled and include the fork stem, top nut, crown nut, top clamp, and inner and outer springs.

  • Springers 15" and longer have 3° stem angles. Use with single disc brake and 19" or 21" wheels ONLY.
  • Please specify type of neck when ordering (Big Twin or Sportster – see bottom of page).
  • Also, please specify the style of top clamp you want..... with ears (for dog bone style risers) or without ears (for Glide style risers).
  • Narrow Springers can also be ordered with straight or twisted front legs

Ordering Information:

  1. 1981 and earlier Sportster front end has a 7/8" neck stem. 
  2. 1982 and later has a 1" neck stem.
  3. Rockers are available for 5/8" or 3/4"-diameter axles.
  4. Stock Harley axles will not fit Paughco Springers.
  5. Minimum inside width is approximately 5"
  6. Distance between rockers where axle goes is approximately 7¼

Special Notes:

  1. Will not work on Touring models
  2. Use special axles - please call 
  3. All Springers can be black powder-coated at additional cost
  4. All Springers can be ordered with twisted front legs instead of straight legs at additional cost



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